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Contact us by e-mail

You can contact the Danish Data Protection Agency via e-mail by sending an e-mail to the agency's main mailbox: dt@remove-this.datatilsynet.dk.

Note: If your e-mail contains certain file types (for example .exe .com .zip .scr) it can be blocked for security reasons and in that case the agency will not receive the e-mail.

Forwarding of regular e-mail is done by unencrypted transmission. We therefore suggest that you make use of 'Digital Post' via Borger.dk or regular mail (letter) if you intend to send information that you assess should be protected, e.g. information pertaining private issues.

The Agency makes use of e-mail when answering inquiries only if it is a general inquiry that does not require consultation with the party/parties involved, or the like.

Inquiries will not be answered by e-mail if the reply contains confidential information. The Agency may therefore need information about your name and postal address to ensure that the reply can be forwarded using regular mail (letter).


Contact us by letter

You are also always welcome to write a letter to the agency. The address is:

Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
DK-2500 Valby

Call us


Contact us by phone

You can call the agency on +45 33 19 32 00

  • Monday-Thursday between 9.30-12.00 and 12.30-15.30
  • Friday between 9.30-12.00 

By phone you can receive guidance but we cannot make a decision (ruling) on the phone.

If you feel that a public authority, company, organization or person is handling data regarding you in violation of the law, then start by contacting them and obtain their explanation on the matter.

Encrypted e-mail

Contact us by 'Digital Post'

You can write to us from your 'digitale postkasse' on www.borger.dk. To use this method you must have a NemID certificate.

Log in to Digital Post using your NemID and choose "Skriv ny post". You can choose "Datatilsynet" (the Danish Data Protection Agency) as the receiver and then write to us.

Note: For security reasons a 'Digital Post' can be blocked. If your 'Digital Post' contains certain file types (for example .exe .com .zip .scr) it can be blocked and in that case the agency will not receive the 'Digital Post'.

Inquiries are answered by phone if possible. Therefore we ask of you to include your phone number in your inquiry.

Forwarding of 'digital post' from Borger.dk is done via a secure (encrypted) connection.

When you write to us, your inquiry and the information pertained within will be registered in the agency's electronic system for case handling. 

Signed e-mail

Signed e-mail

You can choose to digitally sign your e-mail using your personal NemID. This is also explained on 'nemid.nu' here.

If an e-mail sent to the agency is signed using a personal NemID this will automatically result in a look-up at Nets in order to obtain the 'personnummer'/CPR-nummer (social security number) related to the NemID used. If necessary the postal address will be obtained from CPR. This is done to ensure that the electronic correspondence of the agency does not result in personal data being handed over to unauthorized persons.

Attached files

Please note that for security reasons an e-mail can be blocked if it contains certain file types (for example .exe .com .zip .scr). In that case the agency will not receive the e-mail.